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MDS Circuit Technology, Inc. has the tool and technical expertise to meet customers' PCB layout needs regardless of the size and level of complexity.

We are driven to be the BEST in terms of Quality, Delivery, System and Service.

Schematic Layout using customer's data and specifications

  • Provide Parts List, Bill of Materials and Electrical Netlist.
  • Perform schematic design check using Design Rule Check tool.
  • Create parts library ( if library is not available ).

Netlist Creation (CR5000 and NBN format)

  • Create and check netlist using AMANET Version. 3.2 tool.

Parts list Creation (MDS format [*.csv])

  • Collect catalogs and package drawings.
  • Provide detailed description of parts.
    (Component type,mount type,number of pins,component classification).

Parts Creation and Registration

  • Create and register parts using customer's specifications and parts catalog.
  • CAD Interface (PWS,BD,Allegro).

Software Flatforms

  • Zuken's CR-5000 System Designer Version 7 & Version 8.
  • Cadence's OrCAD Capture Version 9.2 ~ Version 10.5.
  • ORG Systems' Protel 99 SE Version 6.04.
  • MDSystems's AMA-NET Version 3.2.
  • Sohwa Corporation's Parts Saver F'z+ Version 2.8.